The Garland Hotel Visit With Anything But Gray Events

“Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Hollywood up the 101 North freeway is The Garland. Tucked away in Studio City, this colorfully retro gem is central to the hip and trendy restaurants, sights, and Universal Studios!”- Holly Gray

I few weeks go I went on a venue tour with Holly Gray, colorful wedding and event planner, Tuesdays Together Leader, and Lady Boss from Anything But Gray Events. We had a fantastic time on our tour… which ended with a PARTY!!!

Check out her blogpost about the venue. She really explains the space and it’s functionality much better than I could do. READ THIS!!!!!!

If you are planning on doing a venue tour soon and want a photo buddy to come along to document it,

I’d love to her from you. I strive to create valuable content for my clients and my peers and I believe in collaborations with kind, hard working, creative people.

If you want to collaborate with me, I have two main requests.

1.) proper photo credit for my work every time you share

2.) let’s explore together, not rush

So, if you agree to that, let’s go have a mutually supportive adventure together!

xo, Aurelia

The Garland Hotel  has a trolly that will take guest on a local tour!

The Garland Hotel has a trolly that will take guest on a local tour!

I love The Garland Hotel’s retro lobby!

I love The Garland Hotel’s retro lobby!


The Front Yard is a chill restaurant with a cozy bar area and outside patio. After photographing their signature Strawberry Margarita with a sugar rim and their Braised Short Rib dish, I had the pleasure of consuming these delicious creations. Thanks Chef!

I didn’t photograph the pool area, but it looked so inviting! It’s a fab place to send your friends visiting from out of town, the fam, and for a local staycation!


“If you are interested in booking an event at The Garland, these are the three ladies you are going to want to know! For more information or to connect with the team, contact Michelle Hunter at “- Holly Gray

Alera Collins – Catering Sales Manager (Left) 
Michelle Hunter – Catering Manager (Middle) 
Monique Kelleher – Catering Sales Manager (Left)

Holly Gray- My venue tour buddy and colorful wedding & event planner ( in the tropical jumper with orange jacket)

Holly & Michelle just happened to to wear the same color jackets! Twinsies!


When Holly connected with Michelle about visiting The Garland for a tour, she suggested we come the same day that they were hosting a vendor and client appreciation/ venue showcase celebration. Normally I like to capture a venue raw so that it can be imagined by my future clients unique to their wedding, but I must say it was a true treat to be invited to their event and see the venue adorned by the beautiful flowers and rentals. When the party started, I traded my camera for champaign and got to be on the other side of the lens for a change which was really fun. ( though I did feel a little naked without my camera).

Here are the talented vendors that helped bring the party to life!

West Coast Music

Revelry Event Designers

The Bubble Tap

Flower Blush

The Snap Bar


BTW… The Garland has a pool, a tennis court, a movie theater ( they were showing Father of The Bride the night of the event!) and three ballrooms in addition to their gorgeous garden.


Revelry Event Designs and Flower Blush transformed this room into an elegant/ retro space with the decor and lighting. Lighting is SOOO important. It sets the vibe for the party and for the photos. Try to imagine this space without lighting. Luckily, The Garland thought of the ceiling when they redesigned the ballroom. The rings of light fit into a modern or retro vibe and add ambience to the space.

The hotel catering and the sushi from Yooshi was fantastic! One of my favorite parts of the night was getting on the dance floor with Holly & Michelle. West Coast Music does an incredible job every time they perform. It’s always a joy to hear them, see them, and photograph them. They even had a special string section that night.

Holly taught me something new on the dance floor! Have you heard of Diamond Dancing?! It’s my new favorite party thing. It’s an improv move where the person in the front of the dance floor creates dance moves slow enough that the people behind them can follow…. making it look like your choreographed a number together!!! Michelle had us all out there dancing a routine to ABBA which was perfect! Talk to Holly about how to get the party started! ( Hope I’n not giving away any secrets here, Holly) ;)